Content strategy isn't a project line item.

It's the foundation and framework for everything your business says and does, whether you're redesigning your website, building your team, or figuring out your marketing plan.

content strategy is your starting point.

what we do

We provide content strategy consulting for things like website redesigns, marketing planning, content team development, and internal standards and workflows. Our goal is to bring your content strategy into focus and leave you with realistic next steps that create a clear path forward.


We begin every new client relationship with a collaborative working session to dig deep and assess the raw materials of your content strategy. Working with us is interactive, informal, and (dare we say it?) fun.

For some clients, this initial working session is all that's needed to gain a sense of direction and give things a jump-start. For others, we then customize ongoing engagements to address goals and challenges of a larger scope. 

what we don't do

  • Content marketing (company blogs, emails, or social media, though we will help you plan how to use them)

  • "Now we just need copy" projects (your web design is done and you just need copy to fill in the blanks)

  • One-off writing deliverables (like annual reports, presentations, or other pre-defined pieces)

  • Anything “quick and dirty” (seriously, we're allergic to these words)


Our Clients

We work with smart, creative people from across industries and businesses sizes. 

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators who know that a strong voice and clear messaging are key to bringing their vision to life 

  • Creative professionals who are striking out on their own for the first time (or are growing their businesses) and want to communicate their expertise more clearly and distinctively

  • Small business owners who have been walking the walk for a while and are finally ready to invest in strong, strategic content and brand messaging

Content strategy looks a little (and sometimes a lot) different for every client. We'll help you figure out what it looks like for you.

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