We like to think of ourselves as ambassadors of content-first thinking. 

Contenterie is on a mission to help every business cultivate not just a content strategy, but a strategy of content. Here's what we mean: content is more than the writing and media your business produces. It's the substance and purpose behind everything you say and do—and the foundation of a forward-thinking strategy.

Because the world deserves more than co-opted #trending tags, brand-sponsored list-icles, and websites built on "best practices" that have been loitering around since 2006.

We do, however, enjoy a good old-fashioned meme.

Contenterie was founded in 2014 by Cameron Siewert and is based in Austin, Texas.

About Cameron

Cameron started Contenterie with more than 10 years of experience in editorial and content strategy for a wide range of businesses, in just about every professional setting you can imagine. Visit LinkedIn for the full rundown.

Her favorite word is maniacal, and her favorite punctuation mark is the em-dash.

You can also find her writing essays and fiction in her second life at CameronSiewert.com.

Sharing just makes sense.

While we really believe that genuine, honest communication makes the world a nicer place, we're not saving lives here. But these organizations are—so we dedicate a portion of every project fee to them. 


The Oasis Sanctuary

A fantastic sanctuary and rescue for exotic birds—the world’s wordiest animals—and home to some of our own extended family.

The National Parks Foundation

Because the ability to explore America’s wild natural landscapes makes every second of staring at our computer monitors worth it.

The National Alliance On Mental Illness (Nami)

An incredible organization dedicated to educating the public and changing the conversation about mental illness.


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